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The difference between biodiesel and diesel

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Biodiesel is used to extract automatic vegetable oil, and it is widely used in tractors, trucks, and ships. It refers to oil crops such as soybeans, rapeseed, cotton, palm, etc., wild oil plants and aquatic plant oils such as engineering microalgae, animal oils, and catering waste oil as raw materials. Renewable diesel fuel for petrochemical diesel.
Advantages of biodiesel:
(1) It has excellent environmental protection characteristics: Biodiesel and petrochemical diesel have a lower sulfur content, which can greatly reduce sulfur dioxide and sulfide emissions after use. The exhaust emission index can reach European emission standards II and III.
(2) Low-temperature starting performance: Compared with petrochemical diesel, biodiesel has good engine low-temperature starting performance, and the cold filtration point reaches -20 ° C.
(3) The lubricating performance of biodiesel is better than diesel: it can reduce the friction loss between the fuel supply system of the engine and the cylinder liner, and increase the service life of the engine, thereby indirectly reducing the cost of the engine.
(4) It has good safety performance: the flash point of biodiesel is higher than that of petrochemical diesel, it is not a dangerous fuel, and has obvious advantages in transportation, storage, and use.
(5) Excellent combustion performance: The cetane number of biodiesel is higher than that of diesel, so the fuel has better combustion and anti-riot performance when used, so a higher compression ratio engine can be used to improve its thermal efficiency.
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