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Advantages of biodiesel

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Biodiesel made from animal and vegetable oils has many advantages whether it is used as fuel or for other purposes:
① The performance of biodiesel is similar to that of petroleum diesel. As a diesel fuel, there is no need to modify the engine and the storage is the same as that of petroleum diesel;
② The use of biodiesel as a vehicle fuel can reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by 80%, sulfur oxide emissions by 100%, reduce unburned hydrocarbons by> 90%, reduce aromatic hydrocarbons by 75-90%, and reduce carcinogens by 90 %;
③ The (CO2) produced by the combustion of biodiesel is much lower than the CO2 absorbed by the entire plant growth process, which is beneficial to mitigate the greenhouse effect;
④ Biodiesel contains 11w% oxygen, basically does not contain sulfur, and has very good lubricity, which does not affect fuel consumption, fuel ignition, output power, and engine torque;
⑤ Because the raw materials are animal and vegetable oils and fats, biodiesel is also renewable;
⑥ Biodiesel is environmentally friendly, does not contain benzene or other carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and has a low content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs);
柴油 Biodiesel has high safety, and its flash point is very high, about 70 ° C higher than petroleum diesel, so it does not need to be considered as a flammable substance;
柴油 Biodiesel is easily biodegradable, its biodegradability is 4 times faster than petroleum diesel, and biodiesel can degrade 85-88% in water after 28 days, which is the same as the degradation rate of glucose. It does not cause harm when it runs to the land or water in an accident ;
⑨ The toxicity of biodiesel is very low. The acute oral toxicity lethal dose is more than 17.4g / kg body weight, which is one tenth of the toxicity of common salt. It is relatively safe, and it must be fuel and not beverage!
低 Low irritation to skin. The irritation of undiluted biodiesel to human skin is less than that of 4% soap water.