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Optimize energy structure and accelerate industrial transformation

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“Optimize the energy structure, eliminate backward production capacity, and vigorously increase the proportion of new energy, clean energy, and renewable energy.” Since 2018, Tongmei Group has firmly grasped the “window period” of a new round of state-owned enterprise and state-owned assets reform and insisted on “reduction” "Excellent" and "green" development roads, catch up with and cultivate new kinetic energy for transformation and upgrading, and strive to stimulate the new vitality of the energy revolution, fully promote the reduction of coal replacement, continue to accelerate the cultivation of advanced production capacity, and continue to grasp the development of new energy industries. A satisfactory coal answer was given in the energy revolution exam.
Facing the new situation, new opportunities, and new challenges of the energy revolution, Tongmei Group accelerated the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, promoted the transformation from coal and electric power to diversification, and the development momentum changed from traditional energy growth to new energy growth. Tongmei Group insists on the combination of reduction and restructuring and the cultivation of high-quality production capacity. It builds large mines and closes poor mines. It has successively closed and withdrawn from 6 mines, making full use of the capacity replacement policy, fostering 9 advanced production mines, and promoting the quality and efficiency of the coal sector. And actively build a coal-electricity integrated industrial structure linkage structure, and realize the complementary and coordinated development of the two major industries of coal and electricity. At the same time, actively develop new energy projects such as photovoltaics and wind power.
The Yancoal chemical project is in the ascendant, and emerging industries are rapidly emerging. The 600,000-ton coal-to-methanol project and the 100,000-ton activated carbon project have developed steadily, realizing the overall profitability of the coal chemical industry. The 600,000-ton olefin project, 1.2 million tons / year methanol project, and 4 billion cubic meters of coal-to-natural gas project have steadily advanced as expected. , Accumulated development potential for the development of coal chemical industry. At the same time, Tongmei Group aims at the manufacture of high-end thin-film power generation equipment, research and development and production of thin-film battery technologies, and has stepped up the construction of Datong Mobile Energy Industrial Park's 300 MW thin-film batteries, realizing the development of photovoltaic manufacturing technology from the first-generation crystalline silicon technology. Changes in second-generation thin-film technology.