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Yangzhou Jianyuan biotechnology company

SINCE 2014

Yangzhou Jianyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2014 with a registered capital of 40 million yuan. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu jiayuxin Industry Co., Ltd. In 2015, jiayuxin invested 200 million yuan in Yangzhou Jianyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to build a new project of hydrogenating 200000 tons of waste animal and plant oil into biodiesel. The project was approved by Yangzhou development and Reform Commission "yangfgxf [2015] No. 687", which is advocated by the notice of national energy administration on Printing and distributing the development policy of biodiesel industry (GNST [2014] No. 511) And support development projects. The project is located in Yangzhou Chemical Industry Park, adjacent to Nanjing, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang and other large and medium-sized cities. The surrounding existing and potential raw materials and consumer markets are large.

The project covers an area of 32.98 mu, mainly including main production equipment, loading and unloading trucks, tank farm and relevant supporting facilities. The project passed the three simultaneous procedures of safety, environmental protection, occupational health and fire control, and obtained the approval document for project completion acceptance, which was successfully completed and put into operation in 2016. The project pays attention to the treatment and protection of safety and environmental protection, such as: the sewage system is capped and sealed, the waste gas is collected and washed by alkali solution, which greatly reduces the waste gas emission; the material storage tank uses internal floating item, nitrogen seal, activated carbon adsorption and other sources to reduce VOCs emission; the material transportation in the device uses the fully sealed pump for transportation; the leakage of the device valve, pipeline, pump and other places may occur every year Carry out LDAR leakage detection and repair, reduce fugitive VOCs emissions, etc.


Company establishment


Registered capital


Project occupation area

Adding on the supply side of biodiesel

It realizes the adjustment of non fossil energy and energy structure, the unlimited expansion of energy supply, the development of new ecological industries and the increase of the proportion of green fuel application.

Subtraction of biodiesel supply side

We should alleviate the energy and environmental crisis, improve the atmospheric and ecological environment, turn waste into treasure and harm into profit, and promote the development of circular economy.

Multiplication on the supply side of biodiesel

An important way to ensure energy security; effectively promote the integration of agrochemical and forestry; as an alternative energy industrialization will cultivate the "multiplier factor" of economic growth, and promote economic development in a "geometric growth" way.

Supply side "division" of biodiesel

We will eliminate backward technologies and low-end products, reduce the proportion of fossil energy applications, remove leverage and make up for shortcomings, ensure food safety, and improve the level of ecological civilization.

Supply side Reform -- the revolution of China's energy production

The project of the company adopts the hydrogenation technology of waste animal and vegetable oil of Jiangsu jiayuxin Industrial Co., Ltd., which is the first set of industrial device for the research and development of hydrocarbon based biodiesel in China. The process technology and catalyst are independently developed by jiayuxin. The technology mainly uses waste animal and vegetable oil as raw material to produce hydrocarbon based biodiesel products through deep hydrogenation. The products are characterized by low sulfur, low density and high cetane number. The successful operation of the project provides the market with high-quality hydrocarbon biodiesel. The company's hydrocarbon based biodiesel unit is the first in China and the world's leading use of hydrogenation technology to process waste animal and vegetable oils. At present, the company is the vice chairman unit of the national biodiesel industry cooperation group, and has participated in the formulation of hydrocarbon based biodiesel industry standards. The key technology project of the preparation and engine adaptability of the second generation biodiesel (hydrocarbon biodiesel) won the second prize of science and technology of Jiangsu Province in 2017, the company's product hydrocarbon biodiesel was certified as a high-tech product in 2017, and the company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in 2018.

The company attaches great importance to personnel training and management, with more than 40 employees. Its core management personnel are mainly from refining and chemical enterprises such as Jilin Petrochemical Company and Yangzi Petrochemical Company. It has many years of experience in product design, research and development, and production. Focusing on R & D and innovation, the company was approved to establish the Jiangsu waste biomass to green energy Biotechnology Engineering Center; CO built the provincial graduate workstation with Yangzhou University; and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Jiangsu University.

In recent years, our company has set up a series of R & D projects around raw material pretreatment, production process optimization, catalyst optimization, production facility optimization, product performance and use development. For example, hydrocarbon based bio diesel spray combustion and engine combustion emission test, two generation biodiesel preparation and key technologies of engine adaptation, R & D of hydrogen sulfide on-line recovery of hydrogenated biodiesel unit, R & D of waste water reuse of animal and vegetable oil, hydrogenation catalyst optimization and application of biomass diesel oil, pretreatment technology of waste animal and vegetable oil raw materials, and Hydrofining catalytic treatment technology, catalyst grading technology, catalyst activity protection technology, waste gas comprehensive utilization technology, hydroisomerization and upgrading technology, etc. There are 20 scientific and technological achievements, including 2 authorized invention patents, 13 utility model patents, and 5 newly applied patents. All achievements are independently implemented and transformed by our company, realizing the innovation of process and special device, and solving common problems in the same industry.

The company pays close attention to the quality, seeks the prestige, seeks the development. It has passed the certification of international sustainable development of biomass and carbon (ISCC), double measurement (DDC), and intellectual property management system; passed the carbon footprint verification of is014064 in 2018; and is preparing to build the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system.

Traditional petrochemical diesel raw materials come from underground mineral resources, with the continuous use of human beings, the reserves will continue to reduce. The waste animal and vegetable oil of the project mainly comes from the photosynthesis of the sun, realizing the effective recovery of carbon dioxide. Hydrocarbon based biodiesel products belong to green environmental protection products, which is an important way to achieve carbon emission reduction and an effective supplement to petrochemical diesel. For the common survival of mankind, Yangzhou Jianyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will forge ahead on the road of green energy! Warmly welcome friends from the industry and our company to carry out extensive technical exchanges and cooperation to jointly promote the development of domestic hydrocarbon based biodiesel industry!